“THE DECORADOR LOOK…with a touch of class®’’

“created by Interior Designers of our ‘In-home Sales & Services (IHSS) channelTM’’

Global Retailers, Inc. (GRI) has completed 4 successful retail brand startups in the USA, Brazil, Turkey and Poland. GRI has openings for investors interested in participating in a ‘quick & cheap’ Reboot of DECORADOR® in Poland. A revenue-generating e-commerce and country-wide “In-home Sales & Services (IHSS)TM’’ channel will be launched quickly, followed by the opening of nine new low-cost stores attaining profitability.

Invest in the Global Retailers, Inc. $5,000,000 Series A Private Placement for the DECORADOR® Reboot in Poland. For more info: Call 757- 961-7218 or email info@globalretailers.eu.